Life on the floodplain

Life on the floodplain published September 9th, 2021

The diary of one year in rural Wales, telling the story of the wildlife photographed in my garden on the Usk floodplain, as well as a bigger story of trauma, mental health and the power of nature to help heal the mind.
I was fascinated by wildlife as a child growing up in suburban Wales. I went on to study conservation and wildlife illustration before joining the Natural History Museum in London, initially as a graphic designer and then as Exhibitions Manager for Design & Conservation. Finally my dream job. However, an accident on my way home from work one day, frightening in its sudden simplicity, resulted in severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This caused flashbacks, seizures and anxiety, which still significantly affect my life.

I moved back to Wales with my family and, as a coping mechanism, began taking photographs with my phone of the surrounding landscapes and wildlife. I wrote brief notes every day about the wildlife in my garden, nestled between the mountains beside the Usk floodplain. This resulted in my book and local exhibitions of my photographs.

‘Life on the Floodplain’ is published on 9th September, 2021 and will be available from local bookshops and online, at £24.99. 

Available now for pre-order from FoylesBook Depository, Waterstones, NHBS, Summerfield Books and other on-line booksellers.